• What it is

      Portfolio with Personality is the first module from my flagship course Work/Art/Play, which has changed the way artists create and market their work. It’s specially designed for artists and illustrators who are looking to discover and nurture their personal style so that they are able to create works that combine their unique strengths, interests and voice.

      So many people mistake their portfolio for being something that shows off what they can do. Instead, a good portfolio should work for you. It’s there to tell the world what you want to do, and what you do best. Figuring out what you love doing, and how you want to say it will make a big difference in building up your confidence – so that you can show your true self to potential clients and fans.

    • Who is it for?

      Self-taught artists who are unable to commit financially and physically to going to art school for a few years. They might not know where or how to get started, but would like to create art with confidence.

      Mid-career artists who may already have clear styles, but is tired of being pushed in various artistic directions by clients and now find themselves lost when it comes to figuring out what’s next.

      Art and illustration graduates who are still frustrated by their body of work and would like to explore how to take their personal style to the next level.

      People who are keen to create their own work, tell their story and find their place in the world through art.

    • Who is it not for?

      Artists who are unwilling to dive deep into their personal experiences or share their story – a big part of this class is getting personal so that you can identify your strengths.

      Illustrators and artists who are certain about what their strengths are, and have no problem in vocalising them in their work.

      Those who do not wish to take the time and effort needed to push through the hard parts of decoding their personal style (just purchasing the class isn’t a magic bullet!)


“Dear Amy, I know that this is a class, and you are the teacher, and it’s your job to share the information. However, since I am a self-taught artist and I have taken quite a few classes online, you are the very first teacher whom I came across, who actually shares real and applicable information. I needed someone who would take me by my hand, told me exactly what to do, how to do it, spell it out for me. That is exactly, what you have done for me!

I cannot thank you enough! For being real and truly wanting to help someone, without any reservations!”

Author's imageJulia Glukhoymoogbee.com


“Amy helped me break out of a long, creative rut. For five months I wasn’t producing anything and making art seemed meaningless to me. I knew I needed to snap out of it and push through the burnout. Work/Art/Play made me excited about making art again. ”

Author's imageGretel Digo, Philippinesyesgmd.tumblr.com


“I really appreciated the stories Amy told – I felt she was generous with her time and experience. I also love her no-nonsense approach and wisdom; especially about letting go fear about other copying your work. Her philosophy encourages a person to be authentic in their work, and she gives practical advice and resources so that a person can move ahead confidently.”

Author's imageAnnie Matthewsflickr.com/photos/anniem00

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